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intoPIX has developed several innovative image processing and compression solutions for industrial cameras, human & machine vision with lossless quality.  Embedded world 2023 in Nuremberg is the perfect opportunity to meet our experts and discuss your upcoming project!

Why use intoPIX ?

The highest resolutions thanks to

With TicoXS, TicoXS FIP and TicoRAW high resolution video can be carried over existing bandwidth, with lossless quality and imperceptible latency.

Less memory 
= Lower power consumption

Compress data for in-device video transport to reduce internal links and memory. Our technologies TicoRAW and JPEG XS require very low complexity and can reduce power consumption of any electronic device.

Lossless quality down to 1bpp

Our line-based compression technologies JPEG XS and TicoRAW induce only a few microseconds of latency - imperceptible to the human eye. 

Both serve fully transparent quality at compression ratios from 6:1 to 36:1 for sensor data, natural content, and the most complex screen content.

Discover also our Flawless Imaging Profile FIP for JPEG XS

Remove the cables & less internal links

Compressing video data streams with a mezzanine codec like TicoXS and TicoXS FIP generates the crucial bandwidth savings needed to move more pixels over wired or even wireless transmission.

High Efficiency RAW sensor data

TicoRAW is the new RAW. Compress any type of CFA RAW Sensor data by 10 with microsecond latency, perfect RAW quality and low complexity.

Deliver RAW data with smaller size, faster speed, lower bandwidth from 2 Mpixels to 200 Mpixels. Reduce power consumption of cameras, sensors and mobile devices.

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Lightweight JPEG XS 

Discover the world's first ISO standard combining low complexity, low latency & high quality compression. 

Ideal to replace uncompressed video in many devices and workflows with microsecond latency, perfect quality and low complexity in hardware & software.

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JPEG XS with Flawless Imaging 

The JPEG XS Codec with the added Flawless Imaging Profile to handle any type of screen-content over unstable network with a suitable bandwidth. 

Perfect for WiFi-6, 5G, WiGig & other applications such as cloud-based gaming, wireless TVs, second displays... where we cannot compromise on latency & quality.

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Quality assessment demo

Judge TicoRAW's incredible quality in a split screen set-up that displays various content, uncompressed and compressed on either half of the screen. 

Can you guess which side is compressed? 

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