J2K RAW encoder & decoder IP-cores

Please note that intoPIX J2K-RAW IP cores for RAW Bayer are in end-of-live. 
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​2) Discover the new TicoRAW technology for sensor compression : the new RAW with smaller size, lower bandwidth, lower power consumption and faster speed. : the new RAW with smaller size, lower bandwidth, lower power consumption and faster speed. 

General Description

The J2K-RAW Encoder & Decoder IP-cores perfectly preserve the RAW output (Bayer pattern images) of Bayer-filter cameras with best-in-class JPEG 2000 compression. Offering a visually lossless quality, J2K-RAW also allows an automatic access to low-resolution previews thanks to the JPEG 2000 scalability. 

With such a rapid evolution of available image resolution, the need for highly efficient image compression of RAW data is bigger than ever before. intoPIX offers a range of IP-cores that can address any resolutions of image sensors from HD up to 4K or even 8K.

The intoPIX JPEG 2000-RAW IP-cores go one step further in terms of image quality possibilities, maximizing video production capabilities. They achieve this by storing each of the sensor’s color channels separately, prior to conversion into a full color image, with an optimized and flexible rate allocation. Similar to a RAW file's advantages, it preserves the access to any demosaicing algorithms, the control over white balance, exposure and color grading in post-production.

Configurations for FPGA & ASIC

See hereunder a list of typical configurations:

 Reference IP cores (-enc or -dec)Max Resolutions Max Frame Rates Color Sampling Bit Depth Max Bit Rate Range (Up to)
 IPX-J2K-HD-60-RAW-12-500 2048x1080 60PRaw RGGB 8, 10, 12 500Mbps
 IPX-J2K-HD-120-RAW-12-5002048x1080120PRaw RGGB8, 10, 12 500Mbps
 IPX-J2K-UHD4K-60-RAW-12-500 4096x2160
 60PRaw RGGB8, 10, 12500Mps
 120PRaw RGGB 8, 10, 121Gbps
 IPX-J2K-UHD8K-60-RAW-12-4000 8192x432060p Raw RGGB 8, 10, 12 4Gbps

Your needed configuration is not (exactly) here?  Additional features?  Higher resolutions?  Want to get the exact IP-core resources details?

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