• intoPIX at
    SMPTE ATC 2018

    Meet our video compression experts at the conference
    Oct. 22-25, Booth 314

Simplify your IP workflow

SMPTE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition 2018 is an excellent opportunity to 

meet the intoPIX team and discover how to enhance SMPTE ST2110 and VSF TR-01 solutions, 

while upgrading to 4K or 8K and turn your IP video production into reality. 

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New JPEG-XS compliant codec

Lossless Quality Game : Win some Belgian chocolate !

Judge TICO XS' incredible quality (ongoing ISO JPEG-XS standardization) in a split screen set-up that displays 4K, uncompressed and compressed on either half of the screen. See it from 4:1 down to 20:1. Can you guess which side is compressed? 

First extra small FPGA implementation for 4K

Come to see the world-first encoder & decoder running on FPGA to simplify your whole IP workflow, no matter if full studio over IP or hybrid SDI/IP. 

TICO RDD35 for SMPTE 2110-22

Demo running TICO on CPU, GPU & FPGA within an IP workflow

      • Move to 4K & 8K without increasing bandwidth consumption
      • Reduce cost of operation for live IP production or Hybrid SDI/IP workflows
      • Broad interoperability on any platform

Come to discover our demo running FastTICO SDKs on CPU/GPU and TICO FPGA IP-cores.

Talk to our experts at SMPTE ATC 2018

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