An Award for TicoXS FIP at Infocomm 2022 ! The recap of what intoPIX presented !

14.06.22 02:10 PM By Julie

Another edition of InfoComm has just concluded and intoPIX was excited to be there to participate in the rapid advances in high quality video display and AV-over-IP transport.

Here is a small video recap of the new solutions we presented on our intoPIX booth!

First 8K AV-over-IP using Cat5e cable over 1 or 2.5 GbE network

The first 8K AVoIP solutions with TicoXS featuring JPEG XS with Flawless Imaging profile. The 8K solutions include new software libraries, new 8K encoder/decoder IP-cores for FPGA & new 8K reference designs with AVoIP transport.

 4K Wireless transmission 
with the TicoXS FIP Codec

The new intoPIX TicoXS FIP with Error Concealment recovers any corrupted content, which makes it ideal for unpredictable network transmission such as WiFi-6.

Titanium IPMX viewer at the AIMS Alliance Booth

intoPIX was one of the dozen companies taking part to the IPMX interop demo on the AIMS/IPMX booth. Discover the new (upcoming) intoPIX Titanium Software for AV over IP that can be used as -TX, -RX, Viewer or Virtual display with JPEG XS.

 TicoXS FIP codec, Awarded "Best of InfoComm 2022" by rAVe

As they have every year for the past 12 years, rAVe [PUBS] reporters have been visiting all the booths at InfoComm 2022 to shoot videos of new (and returning!) products. No other company went to every single booth. It is with this global overview that rAVe gives out awards for the best-of-the-best. The best of everything they saw.

intoPIX is proud to win the Best New Technology Award with our new TicoXS FIP, the JPEG XS codec with Flawless Imaging Profil.

"So, if you’re an integrator and see something here that you aren’t selling yet, consider contacting them! Likewise, if you’re an end user reading this, consider adding these to your future rooms — they won for a reason…" commented Gary Kayye from rAVe.

Discover our new intoPIX TicoXS FIP

   New TicoXS FIP

The JPEG XS Codec with Flawless Imaging profile

Reliable picture quality - Desktop & movie content


Error concealment to packet losses


Microsecond Latency - Less than 1 milisecond!


Over CAT5e cables, WiFi-6, 60Ghz


ISO JPEG XS High Profile


Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP)


Low Power! Perfect for POE


Multiviewer capabilities


4K & 8K IP-cores for FPGA Fast CPU & GPU SDKs


Get 4K & 8K over CAT5e & Wireless !
4K 60P 444 HDR over Wireless (from 400Mbps to 750Mbps)
8K HDR on CAT5e 750 Mbps (30P) to 1.6 Gbps


IntoPIX also teams up with Nextera / Adeas to participate in live IPMX interoperability demo

Demos included the new IPMX FPGA design jointly developed with Nextera/Adeas and the new intoPIX Titanium AV-over-IP software

intoPIX, the leading expert in innovative video compression solutions, was one of the dozen companies joining AIMS (Alliance for IP Media Solutions) for live SMPTE ST2110 & IPMX interoperability demonstrations during InfoComm 2022.

intoPIX has taken part in the multi-vendor interoperability demonstrations with both hardware and software setup:

- The new IPMX FPGA-based reference design jointly developed with Nextera Video and Adeas, will be connected. The IPMX design transports 4Kp60 4:4:4 over 1Gb combining the new intoPIX TicoXS FIP Encoder/Decoder & RTP packetizers cores with Nextera/Adeas ST2110/2059 & NMOS cores, running on a Xilinx FPGA reference platform. It features the support of intoPIX JPEG XS with the new Flawless Imaging Profile.

- The new intoPIX Titanium AV-over-IP Software will also be connected to demonstrate its capabilities to acquire, decode and view 4Kp60 4:4:4 IPMX streams in real-time and in software.

intoPIX has developed a large range of solutions to support IPMX, including 4K/8K Codec IP-cores & Software for AV over IP. We were glad to participate in this interop demo with Nextera/Adeas that can help any IPMX implementers to speed up their product design” said Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Marketing & Sales Director at intoPIX. “We were also glad to demonstrate the evolution and power of the IPMX standard to the Pro AV industry.”

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