intoPIX and Fraunhofer IIS team with Vectis to offer JPEG XS patent pool license

01.03.22 07:00 AM By Julie

Mont-Saint-Guilbert, Belgium, March 1, 2022 – intoPIX and Fraunhofer IIS, the main JPEG XS standard patent holders, announce the creation and availability of a JPEG XS patent pool administered by Vectis IP. The new pool enables manufacturers, developers, and implementers to efficiently license JPEG XS standard essential patents using the framework of fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory licensing. JPEG XS is the new lightweight low latency codec that can be used to improve connectivity in video workflows.


The JPEG XS mezzanine codec for streaming high-quality image and video content is particularly suitable for live production, professional AV, automotive and industrial applications, as well as for a wide range of consumer electronics applications. It is an achievement from the close collaboration between members of the JPEG ISO/IEC committee, mainly Fraunhofer IIS and intoPIX. This new standard enables product design innovations for sharing high-quality image and video content in devices and on networks in different markets. It addresses today's requirements on image resolution, bit depth, bandwidth, power consumption and latencies.

"Since 2006, intoPIX is a renowned innovator in compression technologies. New codecs are the result of extensive company research. With Vectis as an experienced administrator and intoPIX and Fraunhofer as licensors, the JPEG XS pool can now offer one-stop-licensing of the best-in-class codec for multiple purposes", mentioned Dr. Gael Rouvroy, CEO of intoPIX.


"We are very pleased to be able to offer a new image and video codec that is tailored to the specific requirements of high-quality distribution, for example for the movie produc­tion industry and high-quality in-house distribution. This is another exciting result from our applied research", said Prof. Siegfried Foessel, Head of Department Moving Picture Technologies at Fraunhofer IIS.

Vectis IP to administer the JPEG XS patent pool license


Vectis IP, a premier full-suite IP licensing and consultancy boutique, is to administer the JPEG XS patent pool and will offer the JPEG XS Patent Portfolio License Agreement (PPL) that covers all essential patents related to ISO/IEC 21122 (JPEG XS) owned by Fraunhofer and intoPIX.


"We are delighted to announce that the JPEG XS patent owners have selected Vectis as the administrator for this important patent pool. With our experience in patent licensing, we can match each customer with the most suitable license for his business case", said Sandro Spina, Director of Licensing for Vectis IP.


The patent pool offers various licensing models for different business use cases using the light, main and high profiles of the standard. This includes licensing per processing instance or product, whether permanent or by activation (for subscription-based products) and even per live streaming service. The JPEG XS PPL and an overview of the license terms may be obtained at

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About intoPIX

intoPIX is an innovative, independent technology provider with world-class expertise and knowledge in video processing and image compression, cryptography, high-performance computing and micro-electronics. Since 2006, we create and license market-leading technologies and solutions across all audio-visual applications where image quality is a crucial asset. Our broad range of silicon IPs (intellectual property for FPGA & ASIC) and software tools (CPU & GPU) include the key processing and compression cores that enable industry leaders to create top-notch professional and consumer solutions, which efficiently transmit, store and manage the highest quality video. The company is located in Belgium with a local presence in North America, Japan, South Korea & China.


About Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS, headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, conducts world-class research on microelectronic and IT system solutions and services. Today, it is the largest institute of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft. For over 30 years, the institute’s Audio and Media Technologies division has been shaping the globally deployed standards and technologies in the fields of audio and moving picture production. Starting with the creation of mp3 and continuing with the co-development of AAC and the Digital Cinema Initiative test plan, almost all consumer electronic devices, computers and mobile phones are equipped with systems and technologies from Erlangen today. Meanwhile, a new generation of best-in-class media technologies – such as MPEG-H Audio, xHE-AAC, EVS, LC3/LC3plus, Symphoria, Sonamic and upHear – is elevating the user experience to new heights.


About Vectis IP Ltd

Vectis IP Ltd. is a UK-based IP and technology licensing company. Vectis IP supports a level playing field for IP owners and implementers and is dedicated to finding collaborative and balanced licensing solutions. With a global reach, its seasoned management team has led the formation and management of many patent pools and programs in Telecommunications and Consumer Electronics. More recently, Vectis IP is currently working on multiple programs covering audio, video, communications, e-commerce and networking technologies.


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