intoPIX introduces the new JPEG XS standard at CES

07.01.19 08:23 AM By Nils Finger

The new international image coding standard is a game changer for 8K displays, smartphones, autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, Internet of Things and 5G applications


Belgium, Mont Saint-Guibert, January 4th 2019 - intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image processing technologies for professional media applications, is introducing the novel JPEG XS standard with preliminary demonstration of the TICO-XS FPGA and ASIC IP-cores, as well as CPU and GPU SDKs during CES 2019. Promising applications for TICO-XS include self-driving cars, VR/AR gear, displays, smartphones, or any other device that is required to transmit, manage or store video data. 

Co-developed by intoPIX’s RD&I team and based on their widely used TICO RDD35 codec, JPEG XS is already generating great interest across various industries such as industrial vision, broadcast, and professional AV. In the future, TICO-XS will be a crucial enabler for technological developments in any video-related device, as it provides the solution for a multitude of problems faced by consumer electronics manufacturers today:

Managing more and better pixels

New resolution formats like 4K and 8K are establishing themselves rapidly. With JPEG XS, high resolution video can be carried over existing bandwidth, with lossless quality and imperceptible latency.

Saving cost & power

Utilizing JPEG XS for in-device video transport reduces internal links and memory. Paired with its extremely low complexity and low memory use, implementors can significantly reduce power consumption of any electronic device.

Preserving quality with no latency

Being a line-based compression technology, JPEG XS induces only a few microseconds of latency - imperceptible to the human eye. After undergoing rigorous testing procedures by the ISO JPEG committee, the codec provides fully transparent quality at compression ratios from as low as 3bpp (8:1) for graphics, text, movie, gaming content and down to 1,5bpp ~ 16:1 typically for television and natural content.

Simplifying connectivity

Processing video data streams with JPEG XS generates the crucial bandwidth savings needed to move more pixels over wired or wireless transmission (WiFi, WiGig, 5G), but also reduces the need for many internal links within a device.

To display the technology’s capabilities, the Belgian technology provider will present several demos on their CES booth 1129 at Westgate Paradise Center, Las Vegas, NV.

About intoPIX

intoPIX is an innovative technology provider of compression, image processing, and security solutions to audiovisual equipment manufacturers. We are passionate about offering people a higher quality image experience and have developed FPGA/ASIC IP-cores and software tools that enable leading edge TICO, JPEG XS and JPEG 2000 compression, security, video over IP, and hardware enforcement. More information on our company, customers, technology and products can be found on

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