intoPIX revolutionizes the gaming experience at GDC 2023 - Recap of what you may have missed

19.04.23 10:14 AM By Julie

For the first time, intoPIX was present at The Game Developers Conference 2023 in San Francisco. It was a great opportunity to show how our video transport technologies are essential to the world of gaming and virtual reality. We are very pleased with the experience and the contacts we had there. We will be back next year for sure! Until then, don't hesitate to contact us.

Watch this video below to discover the TicoXS FIP demo that we presented on our booth


intoPIX revolutionizes the gaming experience at GDC 2023:  Image quality BEYOND reality!

intoPIX, known for its expertise in video image processing and transport, has a new surprise up its sleeve. This time, it is setting the gaming and extended reality world on fire with its award-winning technologies. True to its DNA, intoPIX solves the most important challenges of gamers: reduce power consumption, simplify connectivity, reduce cost, and ensure perfect image quality without any latency.

At GDC 2023, intoPIX showcases its new concept for Wireless Displays with its unique TicoXS FIP compression. The revolutionary TicoXS FIP technology seamlessly connects displays wirelessly with latency below 1 millisecond and pixel-perfect quality.

intoPIX-powered XR
augmented, virtual, mixed reality solutions

In Extended Reality, it is critical that the video capture & delivery is performed with very low latency, high frame rate, and best possible video quality to the screen or head mounted display.

intoPIX has developed optimized compression solutions, providing low-power connectivity with lossless quality and micro-second latency.

It includes various possibilities of standard-based and proprietary lightweight TicoXS & TicoXS FIP compression IP cores & SDK easily supporting up to 8K resolutions with visually lossless quality, with high frame rates up to 120 or 240 fps. For AR and cameras, it also includes the specific lightweight TicoRAW compression for AR cameras.

intoPIX has the technology needed to build the world best XR devices and continue to develop innovative solutions to stay on top of the future of gaming.

New innovative image processing and video compression IP cores & SDK THAT CHANGE THE GAME

Sensor datawith low bandwidth

Display Connectivity ​simplified

Cloud Gaming with zero latency

Wireless VR / AR with High Frame Rate

intoPIX creates innovative image processing & compression solutions for electronic devices and wired/wireless transmission with lossless quality.

Our silicon IP cores are available for ASIC & FPGA, our Software Development Kits run on ARM64, CUDA, OpenCL & x86-64 architectures.

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​​TicoXS FIP combines JPEG XS with an advanced Flawless Imaging Profile (FIP) to deliver more compression efficiency on any content.

intoPIX TicoXS is the new JPEG XS standard delivers the world smallest latency, best quality and lowest complexity in software and hardware.
intoPIX has the technology needed to build the world best wireless XR devices: Low power connectivity with lossless quality & zero latency.