intoPIX was on Fire at NAB 2023!

10.05.23 05:34 PM By Julie

Our experience in a few words ... A non-stop stream of outstanding announcements!

We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for visiting our booth at NAB 2023. Your presence made our event a huge success!

Once again, NAB brought together amazing people from across the industry, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to connect with so many of you at our booth.

For those who could not make it to the event, we want to ensure that you did not miss out on the exciting presentations and demonstrations we showcased.

Therefore we have prepared a short recap of all the highlights from the event !

JPEG XS in Action !

The power of TicoXS on the cutting-edge products of broadcast key players offering premium live production solutions!

NAB 2023 was an exclusive opportunity for the industry to witness the growing scope of JPEG XS solutions on a large number of key players in the broadcast world. Through a unique exhibition, we highlighted several partners who have integrated our TicoXS into their products.

Discover how industry leaders such as Adeas, Appear TV, arkona, Artel, AWS, BBright, Bridge Technologies, Cesnet, Cobalt, Dayang, Deltacast, ERECA, EVS, Grass Valley, Imagine Communications, Intel, Lawo, Macnica, Matrox, Media Links, Net Insight, Nevion, Nvidia, Panasonic Connect, Riedel, Sakura Eiki, Sony, Village Island,… have integrated the lightweight JPEG XS codec, co-created by intoPIX in their products to deliver the best Live production experience to their users.

TicoRAW Unleashes Cameras & RAW Workflows!

Capture RAW with low power & low battery consumption

Record & store RAW with high-efficiency

Stream, transfer & edit RAW with the lowest latency

Build new "Capture" workflows with TicoRAW

We demonstrated the power of TicoRAW and how to build new "Capture" workflows using it. Lightweight & low power ASIC& FPGA TicoRAW IP-cores are fully available today, with the Fast TicoRAW SDKs for Windows, Linux & Apple with x86-64, ARM64, and GPU acceleration

TicoRAW Technology added with High-Efficiency RAW Recording of Nikone Z9 Flagship Mirrorless Camera

And of course, we showcased how TicoRAW technology empowers the new Nikon Z9 flagship mirrorless camera up to 8K 60p!

The latest JPEG XS technology Advances!

JPEG XS over the LAN, the WAN, and to the Cloud

JPEG XS Streaming Software including senders & receivers that were directly interacting with FPGA-based encoders & decoders at the speed of light.

TicoXS FIP - Wireless & ProAV (IPMX)

The new JPEG XS with Flawless Imaging Profile handles the most complex AV video & desktop content.

Robust encoder & decoder with error control and recovery of any corrupted content, which makes TicoXS FIP also ideal for unpredictable network transmission such as WiFi-6.

A large number of Partner Announcements!

 Introducing STAGE RACER 2 with intoPIX JPEG XS: The Future of Fiber Transmission for Broadcast Events

What future for fiber transmission?

Experience the Future of Video Processing with intoPIX and Imagine Communication at NAB 2023

What future for remote production?

 Introducing STAGE RACER 2 with intoPIX JPEG XS: The Future of Fiber Transmission for Broadcast Events

Why is Lawo so keen on JPEG XS?

intoPIX Partners with Panasonic Connect to Enable new JPEG XS Cameras for Live Events & Live Video Production

What are the benefits of this integration?

Village Island VICO-XI is Revolutionizing IP Video Conversion with Reduced Bandwidth and Microsecond Latency using intoPIX Technology

What impact on IP video conversion?
Contact us to talk YOUR project!

And finally, we are happy to announce our presence at IBC 2023 in September in Amsterdam! See you there?

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intoPIX TicoXS is the new JPEG XS standard delivers the world smallest latency, best quality and lowest complexity in software and hardware.

TicoRAW SDKs provide the highest quality, visually lossless codec for the optimization of your application's infrastructure. ​

Discover how to ​​Simplify your live production workflow ​in the LAN, over the WAN & to the CLOUD thanks to our latest technologies