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    ​CONNECTED 2020

All you need is Cat5e

​All you need is Cat 5e
​(to transport true 4K60p)

intoPIX creates innovative image processing & compression solutions for professional AV networks with lossless quality and zero latency.  

InfoComm Connected 2020 is the perfect opportunity to discuss your upcoming project with our experts !

​New JPEG-XS compliant codec

      • 8K 60P 444 HDR on CAT 5e (2 to 4.5 Gbps)
      • Pixel Perfect Quality
      • Microsecond Latency (less than 1 microsecond!)
      • Low Power, perfect for POE
      • CAT 5e cables and CAT 5e 1GbE / 2.5GbE /5GbE switchers are sufficient
      • Plus : Innovative processing inside 
      • JPEG-XS ISO standard
      • IP-cores for FPGA
      • SDKs for CPU/GPU

​Pro-AV optimized JPEG 2000

      • 4K 60P 444 HDR on CAT5e
      • 500Mbps to 800Mbps
      • Pixel perfect quality
      • Less than 10 milliseconds latency
      • CAT5e cables are sufficient
      • CAT5e 1GbE switchers are sufficient
      • Innovative processing inside 
      • IP-cores for FPGA
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 Ultra Low Latency

​Discover also the FlinQ technology

          • Pixel Perfect quality
          • No latency 
          • Powering Crestron NVX  AV-over-IP


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