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All you need is Cat 5e
​(to transport true 4K60p)

intoPIX creates innovative image processing & compression solutions for professional AV networks with lossless quality and zero latency.  

ISE 2020 in Amsterdam is the perfect opportunity to meet our experts and discuss your upcoming project!

New JPEG XS compliant codec

    • 4K 60P 444 HDR on CAT 5e (0.75 to 1.6 Gpbs)
    • 8K 60P 444 HDR on CAT 5e (2 to 4.5 Gbps)
    • Pixel Perfect Quality
    • Microsecond Latency (less than 1 microsecond!)
    • Low Power, perfect for POE
    • CAT 5e cables and CAT 5e 1GbE / 2.5GbE /5GbE switchers are sufficient
    • Plus : Innovative processing inside 
    • JPEG-XS ISO standard
    • IP-cores for FPGA
    • SDKs for CPU/GPU

ProAV optimized JPEG 2000

      • 4K 60P 444 HDR on CAT5e
      • 500Mbps to 800Mbps
      • Pixel perfect quality
      • Less than 10 milliseconds latency
      • CAT5e cables are sufficient
      • CAT5e 1GbE switchers are sufficient
      • Innovative processing inside 
      • IP-cores for FPGA
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 Ultra Low Latency

Discover also the FlinQ technology

          • Pixel Perfect quality
          • No latency 
          • Powering Crestron NVX  AV-over-IP

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