​Ultra HD mezzanine compression at the speed of light ​on CPU or GPU

Available for CPU or GPU, TICO Start, Pro and Ultimate SDK Packages provide the highest quality, visually lossless codec for the optimization of your application's infrastructures. The SDKs are perfect for all professionals looking to deploy low-latency, lossless encoding over parts of or their whole infrastructure and workflows.

Full CPU or Full GPU Software Development Kits


Standalone TICO encoder or decoder SDK 

The highest quality visually lossless codec for the optimization of SDI and IP infrastructures 

TICO is ideal for simple test applications, single recorder/player or anyone starting in the field of zero-latency, lossless video coding


Full TICO encoder & decoder with support for multiple UHD-4K streams and higher frame rates in HD, on all operating systems 

TICO Pro is perfect for all professionals looking to deploy zero-latency, lossless encoding over parts of or their whole infrastructure 

Enables the access to Premium Support & Customization Program


Includes all the features of TICO Pro and adds 8K, 4K hi-frame rates and specific image inputs with extreme parallel processing 

TICO Ultimate is optimized for top productions, the future of broadcast and advanced Pro-AV applications

    New SDK releases

CPU SDK Release 1.4 : 
TICO SDK V1.4 is now available for purchase and evaluation.  This is a large update, with something valuable for almost everybody including AVX2 optimzation, RDD35 profile 2 at encoder, new speed performances,...

GPU SDK Release 1.0:
TICO is now available on GPU for decoding

Features Overview

Quality & Latency 

  • Best-in-class visually lossless video codec 
  • Lossless at lower compression rate
  • Ultra low latency (below a single frame) CPU footprint, speed performances 
  • Optimized for real-time operations on 100% 


  • Highly parallelized processing in encode/decode CPU or GPU (decode only)
  • Intel Compatible (SSE 4.1 or newer) in CPU

Image formats & frame rates 

  • Supports 422 10bit and 444 8/10/12 bit 
  • Start/Pro packages from HD to 4K UHDTV-1 (4096) 
  • Ultimate package up to 8K UHDTV-1 (8192) 
  • Frame rate depends on CPU performance & SDK packages 


• Compliant & support of TICO Profile 1 & Profile 2 (SMPTE RDD35) 

• Embedded Downscaler / Proxy x2 decoding option (HD decode from 4K codestream) – with Pro & Ultimate package 

Rate Control 

• Adjustable compression rate 

• CBR or optional Capped VBR mode Supported platforms 

• Windows & Linux (32-bit/64-bit) + macOS (64 bit)


• Support of the SMPTE RDD35 SDI mapping to map UHD4K stream over a single 3G-SDI

• Support of the SMPTE RDD35 video essence box management for RDD35_TICO payload for RTP transport (with ST 2110/VSF TR03 types)


(Performance speed for compression processing only.  4:1 compression. Last update April 2018)