We remain open to support you and the business can pursue as usual!
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NAB is cancelled...but intoPIX was at IBC2019 showing its latest solutions designed for the Broadcast industry. Discover here two short videos ...
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intoPIX has decided to become a member of the MIPI® Alliance. MIPI Alliance develops interface specifications helping technology improvements for mobile and mobile-influenced devices.
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" The main difference between JPEG XS and existing codecs is that compression efficiency is not the main target... " Discover with our expert, Antonin Descampe, what make our JPEG XS technology different from other codecs
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When TICO latency is less than 1 millisecond, could we say ZERO?
Nils Finger
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With HD omnipresent and 4K seemingly still in its early stages, an even higher resolution, namely 8K (or UHDTV2) is arising. Display and projection manufacturers are already presenting their first 8K-capable products and the 2018 Winter Olympics were partly filmed in this currently largest video res...
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intoPIX experts answer the web's most frequently asked questions about video compression.

Because video produces ridiculous amounts of data. As an example: you take around 300-400 holiday photos with your phone and a “storage almost full” message will pop up. Now, still images are usually “lossy” com...

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The long awaited SMPTE ST 2110 standards for professional media over IP infrastructures is out for about a year now and serves as a major contributor to the industry’s movement toward IP-based infrastructures. The suite of standards specifies the carriage, synchronization, and description of separat...

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As part of the rapid progress of TICO in JPEG XS standardization and its road towards interoperability, a draft for the IETF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-XS (ISO/IEC 21122) has been submitted. With this first step taken, JPEG XS is making its way to being standardized for Professional Media over...

TICO is the Light Mezzanine Compression dedicated to carry UHDTV and High Frame Rate signals over SDI and 10G Ethernet Network… 

Considering the necessary bandwidth for the next generation of television with higher resolution video and higher frame rates, live uncompres...

The codec provides useful features for broadcasters.

By Jean-Baptiste Lorent and François Macé

Today’s broadcasters are looking for the highest image quality, flexible delivery formats, interoperability and standardized profiles for interactive video transport and workflows. They also have a vested i...

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Today, the broadcast industry is increasingly turning its attention towards JPEG 2000. In recognition, the JPEG committee is currently finalizing the standardization of a new profile specifically dedicated to broadcast applications. This should be of no surprise as already the JPEG 2000 compression ...