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World's first experiment in 5G for JPEG XS with Korea Telecom

KT (Korea Telecom), No.1 pioneer in 5G, organized a demonstration event of which intoPIX participated to built a proof of concept for Live low latency video streaming over a 5G network. The aim of the event was to test the new JPEG XS low complexity low latency standard using intoPIX TicoX...

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Plant a business tree !
Started as the “Plant your business tree”-initiative of the Alliance Centre BW,  , an association of 88 businesses from Mont-Saint-Guibert, Ottignies, Louvain-la-Neuve and Wavre planted 900 trees on a 300m² area adjacent to the Axisparc last November.. The underlying idea is to create a the beg...
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TICO RAW technology to simplify and improve image signal processing for sensors and cameras

Belgium, Mont Saint-Guibert, January 7th 2018 – intoPIX, leading provider of innovative image and video processing technologies, announced that they will be presenting the new TICO-RAW technology at CES to drastically simplify the way we deal with image sensor video data.

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intoPIX to show first TICO-XS hardware implementation at IBC 2018

Belgium, Mont Saint-Guibert, Sept 14 2018 - intoPIX, leading provider of innovative compression technologies for professional media applications, will showcase the very first hardware implementation of the new TICO-XS codec, completing the TICO product range with the upcoming ISO JPEG-X...

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IETF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-XS (RFC 9134) is published!
As part of the rapid progress of TICO in JPEG XS standardization and its road towards interoperability, the IETF RTP Payload Format for JPEG-XS (ISO/IEC 21122) has been submitted and approved.  JPEG XS is standardized for Professional Media over IP as mezzanine compression for SMPTE ST 21...
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TICO codec SDK shows faster performances at NAB 2018

The new CPU and GPU releases offer new possibilities for latency-critical production workflows

NAB Show 2018 , Las Vegas,  March 9th - intoPIX, the innovative compression expert, has shown teasers to audiences at previous tradeshows with TICO CPU-based accelerated software for HD, 4...

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TICO - Light Mezzanine Compression UHDTV & HFR 

TICO is the Light Mezzanine Compression dedicated to carry UHDTV and High Frame Rate signals over SDI and 10G Ethernet Network… 

Considering the necessary bandwidth for the next generation of television with higher resolution video and higher frame rates, live uncompres...

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Spécialiste du JPEG 2000, intoPIX surfe sur la vague du cinéma numérique

24/11/2010 16:15:40 : 

Avec l’engouement du public pour les films projetés en 3D, le taux d’équipement en numérique des salles de cinéma progresse aujourd’hui de façon vertigineuse. Entre fin 2008 et fin 2009, le nombre d'écrans de projection numérique a ainsi plus que triplé sur le sol europée...

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Pour une image plus belle que belle 

intoPIX, spin-off de l'UCL, développe une technologie permettant de compresser les images et les restituer sans en perdre la qualité

Créée en 2006, la spin-off néolouvaniste intoPIX est en pleine expansion : cette année elle vient d'augmenter son capital, passant de 87 000 à 1,3 million d'euros. Act...

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ISE 2017 - Crestron Leverages intoPIX Ultra-Low Latency JPEG 2000 Technology in New DigitalMedia NVX Series

Crestron Leverages intoPIX Ultra-Low Latency JPEG 2000 Technology in New DigitalMedia NVX Series  

FPGA based compression algorithm enables transmission of stunning 4K60 4:4:4 HDR video over standard 1 Gigabit Ethernet with no latency 

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