Evaluation & Integration by intoPIX

intoPIX offers many different possibilities to assess the quality, capability and characteristics, in order to speed-up the integration of a fully functional TICO IP-core or SDK. 

Reference Software or SDKs 

It is possible to access the TICO reference software executables to assess the compression efficiency. It is also possible to get access to FastTICO SDKs for evaluation.

FPGA Hardware Development Kits

The intoPIX HDK enables faster and more reliable integration. Using a flexible structure, it focuses on providing a seamless environment for the integration of any intoPIX TICO IP-core, using a FPGA reference board as its starting point (Xilinx or Intel). It efficiently validates the integration with a smart step-by-step approach and accelerates the progress towards the final customer application, even before the dedicated hardware is ready. Thanks to a layered structure, it significantly eases the porting from one hardware platform to the other, and facilitates switching between applications in the same hardware environment. 

  • Standalone implementation of the custom IP-core flavor on an FPGA reference board
  • Fastest product time to market for new FPGA designs or ASIC prototyping
  • Increased integration friendliness and design re-usability

FPGA Application Reference Designs

Additionally to the HDK, intoPIX also accelerates customer product developments with video application reference designs/proofs of concept. The reference designs aim to deliver a powerful proof of concept using intoPIX’s high-performance IP-cores. 

  • HDMI2.0 UHD4K 60P 422/444 TICO over 10GbE IP
  • HDMI1.4 HD 60P 422/444 TICO over 1GbE IP
  • ...

Integration Support

With responsiveness, anticipation and availability, intoPIX offers support services around the integration of its IP-cores. These services are well-suited for the life cycle of any type of audio-visual system. intoPIX helps you to accelerate your time to market and to define the most suitable solutions for your applications.

intoPIX development support guarantees:

  • A nominative contact that ensures the continuity of your relationship with intoPIX
  • Specific awareness of your environment, equipment details and technical case history
  • Access to our technical experts. This allows you to get quick answers to any of your technical questions
  • Update and upgrade notifications and support
  • Interoperability. intoPIX will make sure that your system is in line with current standards

Customization Services

In addition to the inherent flexibility of our silicon IP cores and SDKs, we understand that some applications may include special requirements that are outside the scope of standard integration support. intoPIX can help tailor standard IP blocks to meet specific needs where required. Please CONTACT US for more information about our customization services.